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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

more candles coming to my artfire store

I have more candles ready to be added to my artfire store. 

Some of these candles are very unique candles.  They are highly scented and will fill a room full of scent. 

One candle has butterfly embeds in it.  The embeds are a different scent and color than the candle.  The embeds show through the top of the candle and the side.  Another candle is of two colors and scents.  None of these candles are the same.  Some have more color, some have more scent, some are different scents mixed together, some are different colors mixed together.  Each candle is unique from the others.  There is one candle that has colors drizzled down the inside.  It is still in the mold and I can hardly wait for it to cool down so I can see what it looks like.

these candles are made of a paraffin and soy wax blend.  They give off a nice scent.  Sometimes the scent is very strong and sometimes it is very subtle.  These candles can be customized to anyone's liking.