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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween items

Halloween is a few days away.  Artfire has a lot of ghosts, goblins, witches, and other ghoulish Halloween items.

There are earrings, tarts, necklaces, bracelets, candles, cards and a lot of other items.

Here  is a ghostly necklace from The Singing Beader.  This is sure to get a fright.  Would you be scared?

For people who would rather have a pair of earrings instead of a necklace, here are some scary skull earrings from Shadowdogdesigns.   Now all you need is the skeleton costume and you would be all set.

If you aren't interested in scaring anyone, how about a cute little pumpkin pin from Bluemorningexpressions?  Isn't this cute?

All these items are handmade with quality material.  None of it is mass produced.

For people who aren't into jewelry, there are a lot of other great items.  Here is a little stuffed ghost for the young ones.  This is made by Daisydoodleembrodery.   This is something the little ones would treasure for a long time.

You can't forget candles.  A nice pumpkin spiced candle will surely remind you of Halloween and holidays beyond.  This one is one of my candles.  (I had to get one of mine in the listing).

Don't forget the costume.  You can't go out on Halloween without one.  Here is a great little mask by Eirewolf.

Don't be afraid to buy any of these items.  They are all handmade and well worth having.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting Studio in order

I have been working on getting my studio back in order.  My husband had done some work in the basement and a lot of the items got shoved into the little work room where I do my work.  I did some work also trying to get things organized.  I cleaned out a closet and put some items in there so the room would be a little easier to navigate and work.

Now I'm trying to get all my candle making equipment and supplies together.  It seems some of the supplies are shoved under a bunch of other boxes and some of them are in my work area.  I will have to figure out how to get things together so they can be used.

My next candle project is to make some more tarts.  I have some I need to make for halloween.  I think I have some skulls and some fingers.  These would make great tarts to be placed around the house.  They are both perfect for a little scare.

After that, I would like to make some pillar and votive candles.  I haven't decided on the colors or the scents yet.  I have even thought about making fire starters out of pine cones.  These make really nice fire starters.  Not only do you start a fire, but you get the nice scent of pine.  This would be a great Christmas scent to have coming out of the fire place.

It looks like I have some work ahead of me.  I hope I can get it done in time to list for the holidays.