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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Candle shapes and styles

There are a lot of different shapes and styles of candles.

Most of the candles that have a shape are pillar candles.  These are candles that are placed on a candle plate on a flat surface away from anything that can catch fire such as paper, curtains, flowers or any cloth.

Some of the shapes of candles are round, square, octagon, pyramid and diamond.  Even these shapes can have different styles.

Round, square and octagon shaped candles can have either a flat top or a concave top (which is a sunken top).  Most candles have the flat top instead of the concave top.  In addition to having a concave top as a style, these candles can also have scalloped edges giving the candle a look of bamboo.

Pyramid and diamond shaped candles usually have straight corners.  You can find some that have a more rounded corner, but these are not as common.

Another style of candle is the container candle.  These are candles that are in jars, times or other types of containers.  These containers have lids that can be used to extinguish the candle.   These containers can come in various looks.  You can have a clear glass container where you can see the color of the candle or a tin candle that can have a design on the tin.  The tins are usually customized toward a season such as Christmas or Halloween.

There are container candles that are in various types of glass such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, coffee glasses or a variety of other types of glasses.  These glasses can also be reused after all the wax has come out of the glass.

Another style of candle is the votive.  These candles are smaller, usually 2-3 inches tall.  They can either be a pillar candle or in a container.  Even the votive candles can have different shapes.  They can have flat tops, rounded tops, triangle top or a top with some kind of design.  They can also be cupcakes, pumpkins, ghosts, leaves, flowers, etc.  You can get just about any shape of a candle you want.  Just ask the person making the candle if they can make a specific shape.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Summer Scents

With summer here, people will be opening their windows to let in some fresh air and the lovely scents of summer.  There will be the sweet aroma of freshly bloomed flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, the clean fresh air and the tasty aroma of people grilling.

Not only will you get these great scents, you will also get exhaust fumes, insecticides, fertilizer and a variety of other scents that are very well liked.

How do you keep these aromas out and the fresh floral scents of summer?  It's easy.  Please a few great scented candles around the house.  This will help with any unpleasant odor or freshen up the house.

If you like floral scents, honeysuckle, rose, lilac and lavender are just a few of the summery floral scents.  You will get the same great aromas from these beautiful candles as the flowers from outside.  With any of these scents, you will be able to bring the outdoor scents indoor without the bugs.

Don't want any floral scents?  There are food scents such as fresh coffee, red velvet cake, pumpkin pie and chocolate, just to name a few of the yummier flavors.  Each of these scents will fill your house and people will thing you just made a fresh brewed pot of coffee, a freshly baked red velvet cake, a spicy pumpkin pie or had some chocolate.

There are also some great fruity scents associated with summer as well.  There's the clean, fresh aroma of lemon, the citrusy scent of a fresh picked orange, the sweet juicy scent of a peach and the tropical aroma of kiwi.

You also cannot forget the scents for outdoor living.  Probably the most famous or well known is citronella, which is known to help keep mosquitoes away.  Other little known bug repellants are eucalyptus and lemon.  If you like spending time outdoors, these fragrances will help in reducing the amount of bugs that bug you.

Any of these scents can be combined with any scent.  You can either have a candle that has multiple layers, each with a different scent or a candle that has a combination of scents together.  Now is the time to get creative with the scents you want in your house.  Find what you like and keep some handy.  Not only will they give your house the freshness of summer, but they will also add to your decor.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome

My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome.  For those who don't know, a short definition is it is the social and behavioral aspects of Autism.  There are children who have this and are high functioning while others are low functioning.  If the child is high functioning, they seem to be very bright, intelligent.  Low functioning can have a lot of other issues such as not talking for example.  Luckily, my daughter is high functioning and extremely intelligent (ok I'm mom, what do you expect?).  Actually, her school said she has one of the highest IQ's they have seen in awhile at the school.

Asperger's Syndrome is characterized by not looking people in the eye, disliking routine changes, don't understand changes or tones in voices by other people (ex recognizing sarcasm), not recognizing facial expressions,  or talking about their favorite subject.

My husband and I first noticed something was different about our daughter.  A few things we noticed is she would not look us in the eye, always talked about bugs, wouldn't know if we were joking or not and would get upset if her routine would change.  For awhile, we thought she would grow out of this and be a normal little girl.  One day at church, a friend of ours came up and said she suspected something was wrong with our daughter and should have her tested.  She is a principal that deals with special needs children.  She explained that our daughter should be looking people in the eye when speaking, but wouldn't no matter how many times you asked her to, called her name or anything.

Our daughter was tested and was placed in a special needs preschool.  Her teacher called my husband one day and told him she thinks she figured out what was going on with our daughter.  She said she suspected she had Asperger's Syndrome.  The teacher said this is the best news out of all the news she could be giving us.  She went on to explain about how some children have high intelligence even though they would have social and behavioral problems.

Before we found this out, my husband and I couldn't figure out why she would not listen to us, would do the same thing we told her not to do, wouldn't talk to other kids, etc.  Now we found out why.  We didn't know what to do to help her except try to understand.  There were times, it would be World War 3 around the house trying to get her to listen, behave or anything.

After our daughter started school, she was mainstreamed because if she was in the autism program at her school, it would be below her intelligence and do more harm than good.  For awhile, she was ok with interacting with some children.  I think it was some time in first grade she started having major problems.  At this point, I told the school to get her an aide.  About a week or so later, she had an aide and this seemed to help.  As she went up in grades, her behavior got worse.  It was nothing to be called to the school a few times a week because of her behavior.  She was suspended several times because of her behavior.  This was while she was in second and third grade.  During third grade (this year), it was required she be removed from this school and placed in another school that could handle her.  She went there for a visit and after class, came up to me and said she wanted to go and loved school.  This is the first time I have heard this from her.  She has started that school and really likes it.  We don't know how long our daughter will be attending this school, but we are hoping it is a while and will not return to her old school.  They didn't want to deal with her even though according to the state they were equipped to deal with her and handle her problems.

Just because someone has Asperger's doesn't mean they can't do anything or become anything.  There are some very famous people who have Asperger's or suspected of having it.  Some famous people who have or suspected of having Asperger's include: Dan Aykroyd, Darryl Hannah, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Al Gore, James Taylor, just to name a few.  Look at what all of these people have done.  A lot of amazing people and amazing things.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fast Selling New Items

Over Christmas, I made a few candles as presents for people.  What I did was create the candles in various types of glasses.  I also did a few other decorative things to them.  The people I gave these glasses to, came back and ordered some to give as gifts.  They thought they were great looking, cute and different.  I can't believe how fast they are going.  Some of them don't even make it to art fire.  People will ask me what I have and I tell them, then they snap it up.

I love having this kind of popularity with an item.  It is a good feeling to have.

Here are few of the items I have sold in the very recent past.

This is a very nice chocolate ice cream sundae.  On the top, it has some "whipped cream" that is drizzled with red similar to strawberry syrup.  I have 2 orders to make these great candles.  I had listed this on art fire, but I showed some people the pictures I had taken with my phone and they wanted to buy it.  It lasted about one day on art fire.

This beauty is a coffee scented candle in a glass coffee mug.  On the top, is some whipped cream just like a latte.  The color is very close to what a cup of fresh brewed coffee would be.

If you love martinis, you would definitely love this watermelon coconut scented candle.  It is in a clear glass martini glass.  The red color is a bright red and around the rim of the candle is a ring of "sugar and salt".

I still have a few items like these listed in my shop.  I am hoping they go as fast as the others have.  There were some people at Girl Scouts yesterday who were admiring a candle the troop leader purchased from me.  They are interested in purchasing some of these candles also.  It looks like I will be busy in a good sense.