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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fast Selling New Items

Over Christmas, I made a few candles as presents for people.  What I did was create the candles in various types of glasses.  I also did a few other decorative things to them.  The people I gave these glasses to, came back and ordered some to give as gifts.  They thought they were great looking, cute and different.  I can't believe how fast they are going.  Some of them don't even make it to art fire.  People will ask me what I have and I tell them, then they snap it up.

I love having this kind of popularity with an item.  It is a good feeling to have.

Here are few of the items I have sold in the very recent past.

This is a very nice chocolate ice cream sundae.  On the top, it has some "whipped cream" that is drizzled with red similar to strawberry syrup.  I have 2 orders to make these great candles.  I had listed this on art fire, but I showed some people the pictures I had taken with my phone and they wanted to buy it.  It lasted about one day on art fire.

This beauty is a coffee scented candle in a glass coffee mug.  On the top, is some whipped cream just like a latte.  The color is very close to what a cup of fresh brewed coffee would be.

If you love martinis, you would definitely love this watermelon coconut scented candle.  It is in a clear glass martini glass.  The red color is a bright red and around the rim of the candle is a ring of "sugar and salt".

I still have a few items like these listed in my shop.  I am hoping they go as fast as the others have.  There were some people at Girl Scouts yesterday who were admiring a candle the troop leader purchased from me.  They are interested in purchasing some of these candles also.  It looks like I will be busy in a good sense.