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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

artfire store

I have an artfire store and an etsy store.  I am beginning to like the artfire store more and more.  It seems to be easier to navigate, less restrictive and paying only $5.95 a month is better than the listing fees and the fees that have to be paid when the item is sold.  I have read some of the posts regarding the bills that some people in etsy have paid and I could not believe the amount they were paying.  Some of the fees were in the hundreds of dollars for a month.  Granted these are people who have listed a lot of items or relisted (the only way to stay on top of the list), but that is still a lot of money.  Some of the items could be listed for a long time before they are sold.  Based on this, any profit that is made would be lost in fees. 

I have not had any sales on artfire or etsy.  Both of them are relatively new shops so I figure it will be a few months before I start making any sales or money.  I am hoping this will start soon.

A link to my shop on artfire is  I am working on a few ideas to add very soon to the shop.  One of them as mentioned before is the animal pet pillow and the other is pajamas with feet in them. 

The animal pet pillow should be ready for posting this weekend.  I have the pattern worked out.  I just need to assemble the animal pet pillow. 

As for the pajamas with feet in them, I am still working on finding some material for the feet.  I don't want to pay a lot of money, but I don't want poor quality of the material either.  This wouldn't work too well for my customers nor me.

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