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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready for the summer?

Is everyone ready for the summer and the pesky mosquitoes?  I love being outside, but the mosquitoes eat me and my daughter alive.  We come in the house with so many bites, we look like we have the measles.  My husband doesn't get many or any bites.  It irritates me. 

The only thing I have found to get stop most of the mosquitoes is Burt's Bees Mosquito repellent.  It doesn't keep all of the mosquitoes away, but it does help.  At least we don't look like we have the measles. 

I have made some citronella container candles that will help with keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Set these candles around the area people are going to gather and light them.  The strong citronella scent will help repel those pesky mosquitoes.  The more citronella candles, the better at keeping the mosquitoes away. 

Stop by my shop at and check out the citronella candles along with the other nicely scented candles I have listed.  You will like what you see.

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