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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My daughter wants a dog

My daughter has been asking for a dog for a long time.  There was a time when she decided she wanted a lizard, frog, gecko, snake, turtle instead of the dog.  After explaining the dangers of having one of those as a pet, that she couldn't take it for a walk or pet it, she dropped those ideas.  Now she is back to a dog. 

Yesterday, I took her to an adoption event.  She saw the dog she wanted.  It is a brownish colored dachshund/chihuahua mixed with brown spots and a pink belly.   I told her if she earned $200 toward the adoption fee, I would put in the rest of the money.  The next thing I know, she got my coin jar and said "Mommy, I have the money for the dog."  Try explaining to her the money jar is mine and not hers, doesn't work.  This is going to be interesting.

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