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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New candle listed

I recently listed a few new candles. They are orange and pecan pie scented candles. They are very strong scented.

The orange scented candle has a really nice bright orange color. It looks very close to the color of an orange peel. When you light this candle, your room will fill up with this nice fresh orange scent. It will be as though you just finished cleaning the house with this nice citrusy scent. You will want to keep this candle on hand.

The pecan pie scented candle is a light brown or tan color. It is very neutral in color. It would blend very well in any room. The scent is strong with the sugary sweet scent of a fresh baked pecan pie. You could light this candle and everyone will think you just finished baking a pecan pie. What a great scent to have.

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