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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Items in my Shop

I recently listed a few new items in my shop.

Some of these items are perfect for Halloween.  There are ghoulish green fingers, white scary skulls, black skulls and orange pumpkins.

The ghoulish green fingers have an apple scent.  It has the sweetness and tartness a green apple would have.

The white scary skulls have a spiced cider scent.  The spiced cider has a spicy clove and nutmeg scent.

The black skulls have a hazelnut scent.  This scent has a blend of vanilla and the richness of the Italian nut.

The orange pumpkins have a nice spicy pumpkin pie scent.  The ultimate fall scent.  Everyone looks forward to a pumpkin pie in the fall.

There are also white votives with the same spiced cider scent as the scary white skulls.  The black votives have the same strong scent as the black skulls.

I have also listed 2 grab bags.  One is for tarts and the other is for candles.

The first grab bag is made up of tarts where there is some damage or there aren't enough to make up a complete set.  They all have the same strong scent as the other tarts in my shop.

The other grab bag is made up of various shapes, scents and colors of candles.  There is a little damage on some candles.  They are little nicks, dents or marks.  These candles also have the same strong scents as my other candles.  A few of the candles I am not sure of the scent.

In both grab bags, I choose the candle and tarts.  It is a great way to get a strongly scented candle or tart and a surprise.

Everyone loves grab bags because you never know what you get.  It is a nice surprise and a great gift to give.


  1. The grab bags sound like a great idea, Vicki! And I loved your skulls and ghoulish fingers. Off to take a look through your studio (:

  2. Your descriptions of the scents are so helpful! I really like the grab bag idea, too.

  3. Good luck with the grab bags!

    Stopping by from Blogger's Guild

  4. You've been busy stocking up inventory for the holiday shopping season! Wishing you many sales!

  5. Wishing you great success with tarts and spices in grab bags.

  6. The grab bags sound like a great idea. I love surprises! :-)

  7. As others have said, the grab bags sound like a super idea. From your descriptions of the candles I could just about enjoy the scent in my mind.....

  8. I find customers love grab bags. Good luck with them!

  9. Hope you have some great sales this month. Lots of success.