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Monday, May 14, 2012

Citronella candles

I just made some citronella candles. They are in the molds and are cooling down. They should be ready to remove from the molds tomorrow. These candles are actually a combination of lemon, citronella and eucalyptus scents. The citronella and eucalyptus scents are good at repelling bugs/mosquitoes. I added the lemon to balance out the citronella scent. The citronella scent is a very strong scent. To make these candles, I combined orange and black together. I wanted to have the black color to attract the bugs/mosquitoes and the orange to try to soften the black a little, but keep the dark color.

I have done some researching and mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and that is probably the main reason for the dark color.  Instead of the mosquitoes attacking people, they will be attracted to the dark color of the candle. 

These candles come in round, square and octagon shapes.  They would be good to have on hand during the coming summer months.

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