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Friday, November 2, 2012

New tart molds

A few days ago, I purchased some more tart/melt molds. One mold was of pumpkins, which would be good for Halloween or Thanksgiving. I am thinking of making a few pumpkin tarts and seeing how they turn out. I think they will look gorgeous and of course the scent will be strong like in my other tarts and candles. I'm a little excited and anxious to make these.

The next mold I got was of skulls. I know, this is really a Halloween mold and it's no longer Halloween. These would be great for next year though. It will also give me time to think of something really original to do with them.

Another mold I got was of fingers and bones. One idea I had for this for next year was to somehow make the finger have "blood" dripping down it like you see in the stores around Halloween for some of the decorations. This may be something really interesting.

The last mold I purchased was of roses. This is to replace one of my molds that met an unfortunate accident. A very strong rose scent is destined for these beautiful rose tarts/melts. Since I have a few different rose scents and rose mixtures, I don't know which one it will be yet.

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