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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Artfire Artists

I have started creating these blogs for some of the shops on artfire.  I try to have similar shops together.  Today the shops being featured are carolesjackets and UniquelyJenQuiltCreations.  Both shops make great products that will keep you warm on cold days.

Carolesjackets makes beautiful embroidered jackets. They can be worn at any time and with anything.  

Here is a basic yet classy black jacket.

It has a nice colorful flower design at the bottom of this jacket.  The flowers stand out and give this jacket a touch of spring.  If you are a little chilly on a spring day or night, this jacket would be something to keep you warm, but not overly warm.  You will also get some comments about the beauty of this jacket.

Do you want some pink?  Here is a light pastel pink jacket.  

This pastel pink jacket has some very nice iris flowers on both sides of the top of the jacket.  This jacket is a light color pink that will look great with a pair of jeans.  You could probably even wear it as a shirt.

UniquelyJenQuiltCreations makes unique quilts.  She does not follow a pattern.  She creates her own patterns.

Do you have a baby or a baby shower to go to?  This quilt would make a great gift.

Just look at this beautiful quilt.  It has a lot of nice bright colors.  It will keep any little one warm on a cool night or out and about.  This will surely become a keepsake for years.

How about a beautiful quilt that would be a really nice piece of art to hang on your wall?  This would be perfect.

Look at the quality of this quilt.  It is a piece of art.  This would be a very nice piece to hang in the living room.  It is very welcoming and cute.

Check out these artfire artists along with the many others that make handmade items.  They are all quality made products.

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