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Friday, March 29, 2013

Artfire Jewelry Artists Part2

I tried writing this a few minutes ago, but my computer decided it didn't want to work and locked up on me.  Now I get to start from scratch.  I really need to get a new computer.

Since my last blog post about the wonderful jewelry artists on artfire, some people have asked if I could feature them on my blog.  Today, the artists are Metal_ArtistryDesertCreations and DianesDangles.   Each of these jewelry designers have beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Metal_Artistry makes wonderful jewelry out of metal.  The metal is shaped into some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you can imagine.  

The first piece is a mixed metal landscape pendant that features mountains, moon, snow and river.  When you look at this pendant, you can see the full moon shining down over the snow capped mountains and the river.  

Absolutely beautiful.  A perfect picture of nature for the perfect necklace.

Do you like rings?  Do you like sterling silver?  If so, this ring is for you.  This ring is made of sterling silver and has a mountain range forged on it.  Every time you look at this ring, you will feel as  though you are in the mountains.

Just look at how beautiful this ring is.  Very shiny and eloquent.  Bet you can't resist.

DesertCreations makes amazing jewelry using polymer clay, beads and wire.  I'm sure there is something for you.  Take a look.

This is one of the many pieces of handmade jewelry DesertCreations made.  It is a pair of copper glass on copper earring wires.  Aren't these earrings great?   These could be worn for any occasion.

Look at these earrings.  There are 3 different shades of copper.  The copper from the wires are a bright copper, the first bead is a little lighter color of copper and the last bead is a dark copper.  

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Take a look at this bracelet.  Nothing but sweet items.  What fun this bracelet is.

Popsicles, cupcakes and dougnuts.  What more could you ask for?  At least with these sweets, you don't have to worry about your weight or cavities.

DianesDangles has a wide variety of brilliant colors and jewelry pieces.  You will probably find your favorite color in her shop.  

For the people who love blue, here is a piece you will probably love.  It's a bright blue Swarovski Crystal with a silver bead cap.  

As you can see, the blue is very bright and is highlighted by the bead caps and the cute little swirl at the bottom.

Here is a piece of money for the people who like to wear money and unusual items.  You will get a lot of compliments when you wear this pendant.

You know you want it, just buy it.  How many people can say they wear money?

If you are interested in any of these pieces, they can be seen on or you can click on the images and be taken to the item.  

Be sure to support handmade.  These items are not mass produced.  They are made by hand and are unique.  You will not find anything in the commercial stores with the same quality as handmade.


  1. A very nice group of diverse jewelry artists. Thanks for including my work. Love those little poly clay popcicles. Appreciate the mention. Sorry about the computer...I know that feeling. Lynn (Metal Artistry)

  2. Love the blog post lots of great items. Thank you for including me at Desert Creations. :)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my jewelry pieces on your blog, lots of gorgeous items here. Off to share your blog.