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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artfire Jewelry Artists

I have made several references to my shop on  Artfire has a lot of people who make great and beautiful handmade products.   You should check them out.  If you are looking for jewelry, candles, clothes, pictures, cards, photos or just about anything, you will find something you love on artfire.

Today, I am showing some of the people who make the fabulous jewelry you see on artfire.  Some of the people who make jewelry are shadowdogdesigns, bluemorningexpressions, and thesingingbeader just to name a few.

Shadowdogdesigns makes jewelry for just about every occasion.  She has some for the holidays, casual and more formal occasions.  The jewelry Shadowdogdesigns makes are all full of colors.  There is nothing dull in her shop.

She also uses a lot of different types of beads, gems and shapes.  This piece she used Swarovski crystals.  Doesn't it look very bright, cheerful and colorful?

These earrings could be worn to an evening out.  They are gorgeous.

Shadowdogdesigns also has some fun items in her artfire shop.  Take a look at these Halloween earrings.

Now don't these put you in the Halloween spirit?

Shadowdogdesigns has a huge selection you should check out.

Bluemorningexpressions also makes fabulous jewelry.  She makes jewelry along with polymer clay items.  Some of these items will become part of her jewelry pieces.  When you browse her shop, you will see the magnificent pieces she makes.

Here is a great example of Bluemorningexpressions polymer clay items and jewelry.

These are perfect for Easter or any fun occasion.  I bet you can't resist these earrings.

Want to make your own earrings/jewelry?  Bluemorningexpressions has polymer beads you can use to make your own creations.  Here are some raw purple and yellow striped flower cane.

Aren't these colorful? They would be great for a pair of earrings and matching necklace.

TheSingingbeader has some beautiful musical themed jewelry along with a variety of other jewelry.  She has some sterling silver pendant neckaces of musical instruments that would be a very nice compliment to any outfit.

If you play guitar, you would love this sterling silver guitar pendant.

Just look at how shiny this beautiful guitar pendant is.  Visit her shop and you can get it before anyone else does.

Thesingingbeader also has non-musical inspired jewelry.  Here is a lovely ruby red crystal pewter bracelet.

Doesn't the heart look great with these beautiful red crystal beads?

These are just 3 of the great jewelry designers on artfire.  There are many, many more.  If you like jewelry, take a look at artfire and the jewelry designers.  You will surely find a piece you will love and will have to have.

If jewelry isn't your thing, there are other great artists on artfire.  Don't forget these are handmade items or supplies.  They are not like the cheaply made items you find in most stores.  They are quality handmade items.   These items are not mass produced, but made one at a time by hand.


  1. What a fabulous surprise, Vicki! You highlighted two of my favorite artists, Julie and Connie. And I am both delighted and honored you also highlighted me. Thank you! I will promote with the world (:

  2. Thank you SO much Vicki! I truly appreciate being the company of Catherine and Connie - awesome blog and I feel very honored. I am sharing the post with the whole entire Internet!

    Julie and Blu

  3. Awww, Vicki! What a nice surprise! Thank you SO much for such a nice blog write up about my items along with Catherine's and Julie's. I certainly will promote this! - Connie