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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trying to catch up.

I have been working on my shop and trying to get things updated and added.  In the very near future, I an planning on making some more candles, tarts, and votives.  I have to do some work in the area I work in before I can do anything.  It's a little of a mess.

One thing I have done is made my daughter a mattress pad for her bed.  We were having a hard time finding ones that would fit and stay.  This one worked great.  It is made similar to a fitted sheet, but in the middle it has padding.  It is also a nice pink color and it also has princesses on it.  It wasn't really hard to make.  I was actually surprised at how it turned out.  There are a few little "flaws" in it, but it works.  One is the padding is not 100% centered.  To her it doesn't matter.  The first day I put it on her bed, she didn't want a sheet over it and slept on the mattress pad.  She said it was so comfortable.

I also made her a nice little fitted sheet for her bed.  This for some reason was a little harder.  I did use different type of material for it.  Instead of a fleece type, I used cotton.  I didn't realize the fitted sheet would have to have about 20 inches added to it to fit over the fitted sheet.  Oh well.  I got one made for her.  I don't have pictures of either of them.  One day, I will take pictures.

I have thought about making customized mattress pads and fitted sheets, but not sure how well they would be received.  Also, the cost would be more than going to the store and getting them.  I don't know if anyone would want to pay about $50 or more for a customized mattress pad or not.  Maybe I will make one and list it to see how it goes.

I have a few new items listed in my shop.  They are mostly bias tape and a few little key chains or zipper pulls.  This is part of my shop I have been trying to get done.  I keep finding things I haven't listed.  I guess I am a little unorganized.


  1. Bet your daughter is really pleased with the mattress pad that was made by you!

  2. Sounds like a perfect mattress pad and sheet for your daughter. Comfort truly counts (: Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

  3. Clever You, Vicki! I could never get all that done. Good luck in getting all your goals accomplished.

  4. So glad that your daughter likes the new things you made for her!

  5. I think you've accomplished a lot and it is really special that you are making things for your daughter and your home. The studio can wait! We all have gobs of stuff we'd probably like to get listed, you'll get there.