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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New candles listed

Since the last time I posted anything, I have listed some new candles at my shop. I have listed some lavender rose scented candles.   This candle has a strong lavender and rose scent.  Very nice, sweet and relaxing. 

 I have added some lemon citronella eucalyptus scented candles.   The citronella and eucalyptus are known bug repellents. 

I have even added a variety of tarts/melts.  These are very highly scented also.

 These tarts/melts are lilac and carnation scented.  They are very strong, sassy and sweet.  Your house will fill with these great scents.

If you don't like flowery scented tarts/melts, what about peanut butter?
These peanut butter tarts are very strong.  They smell just like when you first open a jar of peanut butter.  The color is a tan/light tan color.  Now you can have all the peanut butter you want without the calories.

I even have peppermint scented tarts/melts.  This is a very unique scent.  It is a nice refreshing scent also.

I also have whipped topping candles.    The top of these candles have whipped wax with a cinnamon scent.  The bottom part of the candle is a nice yellow with a strong lemon scent.  Almost like fresh backed lemon cupcakes.

Check out some of the other new items in my artfire shop.  You won't be disappointed.

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